Pressurewound disappointment

I’ve always wanted to try some Pressurewound or Groundwound strings. On Talkbass, the general consensus was that Pressurewound were better, so I ordered a set of Rotosound SM55 strings. When I looked at them, I did wonder if I’d ordered Roundwounds by mistake as they don’t look any different, and in fact I did have to check that I’d not put on the set of strings I’d just taken off my Squier CV 77 Precision by mistake. They feel just like roundwounds. I think I’ve learned by my mistake and will stick to flats from now on.

Cheap(er) string trial – Day 1

So far so good. I strung my Squier PJ up with the Olympia flats and overnight none broke or went out of tune. They feel very similar to the Rotosound flats on the Nevada bass and at the moment I’m pleased with them. It will be interesting to see how the tone compares to the Nevada (I know they’ve got completely different pickup combinations but you know what I mean) over the coming months.

Cheap(er) string trial

I’ve been converted to flatwound strings now and have strung two basses with Rotosound SM77 strings. I love the sound and feel of them, but they are quite pricey (£29.43 from Amazon). Therefore I’ve decided to trial a set of Olympia FLS 4B-45100 strings. They’re a snip at £14.99 and my first non-Rotosound/Fender choice for strings. I will report back on my findings.


I’ve always wanted to try some Pressure Wound strings, so another trip to Amazon could be on the cards later today…

The Silk Purse Lives!

After adding a new bridge, new tuners, new knobs, a good blast of electrical cleaner on the pots, and some flats, this is my new daily player now:


I had bought a new black pickguard for it, but it didn’t fit. I thought it looks fine without a pickguard, so it’s going to stay naked. It plays well enough and I’m happy to leave it out. For about £30 plus second hand flats (and a bottle of Laphroaig for my stepson) I’m quite chuffed with it.