Squier Jaguar SS Bass

2017-12-12 10.35.56

My first bass – a Fender Mustang – was a short scale guitar and I’ve wanted another one for a while now. I’m not too struck on the available colours of the Squier Mustangs, the current Fender Mustangs are all PJ configuration and to get a vintage Mustang like the one I had would cost well over £1,000, so I thought I’d take a punt on a Jaguar.

It’s well built and finished, and plays nicely although the strings do need changing for heavier flats to suit my style. I’d forgotten how easy a short scale bass is to play. Going up and down the fretboard from open to 12th fret is simple and you soon get used to it (nobody should ever go past the 12th fret in my opinion). I’m just worried about how I’d cope with going back to my long scale Hohner B2A….

Author: James's Bass Blog

Husband, Grandfather, IT Pro, IBM Notes geek, Bassist, Rocksmith custom creator, music buff.

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