New strings for the Jag

My Squier Jaguar came strung with roundwounds. I don’t really like roundwounds – they are too tinny, make too much noise and aren’t flatwounds – so I ordered a set of these for it:

I’ve not used nylon strings on a fretted bass before. My Squier Precision fretless has these as I though they’d be kinder to the fretboard. When I put them on the Precision, I had to open up the slot for the E string on the nut, but there was no need to do this on the Jaguar

After cutting off the excess string before fitting the E string and then thinking I’d cut off too much, I thought “why not measure the string you’ve just taken off against the one which is about to go on and cut it to the same length?”. After all, at the Squier/Fender factory, someone who knows much more about fitting strings that I do, cut the original string to the correct length. One I’ll squirrel away for the next new bass I get which comes strung with roundwounds…

The intonation needs resetting because the strings are thicker and Rocksmith can be a bit sniffy when it comes to tuning – I should have remembered that after my fretless experiences – but over all, the strings feel great and sound very good.