Birdcord USB to 9V Converter Cable

birdcordFor months now, I’ve had a 9V adaptor running my Boss TU-3 tuner. My bass plugs into this then the Output goes to my laptop for Rocksmith. The Bypass goes to my bass amp for when I want to get loud.

This works well, but I was forever forgetting to switch the 9V adaptor off, thereby wasting electricity and not being very green.

I then found the Birdcord USB to 9V Converter Cable. This means I can run the tuner pedal from my laptop, and when that’s powered off, the pedal goes off. And vice versa of course.

The Birdcord cable works a treat. I had to add an extension lead to it, as the lead is slightly too short for my set up but that was only a few pounds from Amazon. The result is a really neat set up, and I no longer have to curse my forgetfulness when discovering I’d not turned the 9V adaptor off yet again!