High Mass bridge for the Jag

The standard Squier/Fender bridge on the Jaguar is just one of those crappy bent bits of metal. When the bass arrived, the bridge needed some fettling as it hadn’t been put together properly (nice QC) and since I’d got the nylon strings on it, I’ve never been happy with the intonation. The E string saddle is almost back as far as it will go and Rocksmith often suggests that I’m not playing the right notes, which can’t be right of course.

I did think about putting a Babicz bridge on, but although one transformed my Squier Affinity P Bass, I’m not keen on spending >£100 on a bridge. I liked the Badass II bridge which I had fitted to my Jazz bass by Andy’s Guitar Workshop in Denmark Street in the late 80’s and thought I’d see what Fender had done to the bridge since buying the design.

They are like hens’ teeth! ebay seems to be the only place they can be found at the moment and they’re not cheap either $50+ with another $40 thrown in for postage in some cases. I managed to find one at a shop in Arkansas for around $30 delivered which seemed much better. Let’s see what difference this makes. The new bridge on the Affinity P gave the bass far more sustain so I’m going to be very interested to see whether I can get the same effect on the Jag with this High Mass bridge. Watch this space…