Going Fretless

For several band rehearsals, I’ve been taking my fretless Squier Precision. None of my bandmates noticed, other than saying that I’ve brought a different bass along, although one did say that “someone had stolen the dots”, to which I replied “and the frets…”

It’s a lot easier to play than I’d thought. Experience with Rocksmith showed that intonation needed to be spot on, but with the band, it’s not as critical. It’s a very light bass too which helps. Standing for 2-3 hours with one of my heavier axes really doesn’t do my back any favours.

I’m back to playing the fretted Jazz or Jaguar now but may well go back to fretless before long. One day I shall treat myself to another unlined fretless to replace the Hohner B2AFL which was stolen many years ago.


Author: James's Bass Blog

Husband, Grandfather, IT Pro, IBM Notes geek, Bassist, Rocksmith custom creator, music buff.

3 thoughts on “Going Fretless”

  1. All it took was for someone to say that two strings had also been stolen, hahaha.
    Joking apart, I am very interested in the bass being light because of problems in the shoulder, and also in the back.
    I recently tried a Squier Jaguar Vintage modified and it was heavier than my beloved low-end Ibanez GSR180BS bass.
    The weight difference is noticeable on the back and shoulder after half an hour of standing.
    I also found a tendency to nod on the side of the blade which forced me to correct the position of the instrument again and again.
    The solution to this could be a wide padded strap to prevent slippage.
    I was reluctant to return that bass, it was so pretty, but it wasn’t comfortable for me (because of my injury).
    I finally returned the bass to the store, maybe later I’ll buy another bass, but that time I’ll ask about the weight.


    1. I really should do a weight test on my basses. They are all very different. The heaviest by far is my ’77 Fender Jazz, going down to my Hohner B2A which weights very little. Thank you for the inspiration for a new idea for a blog post!


  2. Yes, it is a data (the weight) that is not usually mentioned in the characteristics of the instruments.
    In some online stores, they indicate the weight and dimensions of the packaging, but not of the instrument.
    My Ibanez with Soundgear body is light (3.2kg with strap – 7.0548 Pounds)
    The Squier Vintage Jaguar weighed a little more (4.1kg with strap – 9.039 Pounds)


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