Digitech Drop Pedal

The answer to your Spaghetti String Quandry?

Many tracks in Rocksmith are not in E Standard. Retuning to Drop D, Eb Standard etc can be a pain, but it’s survivable. C Standard with “normal” strings though is a different matter. Tuning here can reach the point where the will to live is lost as Rocksmith refuses to recognise the notes as the strings slap against the fretboard.

Is the Digitech Drop Pedal the answer? It transposes the input by a semitone with each turn of the dial so a bass in E Standard can turn into a bass in C Standard with a few clicks and no spaghetti strings.

Does it work? Yes. Dropping a semitone to play some Thin Lizzy tracks worked perfectly. Going down to C Standard to play a couple of Royal Blood tracks needed some slight retuning but it was only +/- 4 or 5 so not the end of the world.

Is it worth it? If you’re often playing Cookie Monster-style tracks which need these low notes then yes, until Rocksmith offers support for 5 string basses with ODLC.