Work in Progress

Tracks currently under construction or consideration are:

  • The Smiths – Paint A Vulgar Picture

Anything which looks remotely interesting on Ultimate-Guitar stands a fair chance of being converted to an RS Custom

11 thoughts on “Work in Progress”

  1. Hi James, I was surprised to see you uploading s BCR song. Are you thinking about doing more Songs of them?
    I startet to create my own songs with your hunde and recommendations. And it worked. But I am not as good as you are. And I am still fighting with the sync.
    I really would like to see oire BCR songs created by you.

    Kind regards from Germany


    1. Hello Robert, please remember that I have been creating customs for five years now – the more practice you have creating them, the easier it will become. I am pleased to hear that you found my guide useful. I have not got any more BCR songs in mind, why not suggest some on the CustomsForge Requests page ( . If I don’t pick them up, one of the other charters may do so. All the very best, James


  2. Hi James just like to say big thanks for all the tunes you do .soon as I see your name on it I know it’s worth dl thanks again mate


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